BLOCK - Block V-250 2X40 Watt 4Ohm Black

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Tipo Prodotto: Amplificatori Integrati

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The amplifier is made for the entire musical spectrum. You can connect two passive audio speakers.
The unit has five stereo RCA inputs, one of which even has a built-in phono pre-amplifier, so you can connect your turntable (MM).
In addition, located on the back is a mini-jack stereo input (3.5 mm) for the connection of mobile devices.
With this number of connections, all relevant devices should be able to be connected to the amplifier. Your radio, the CD player, DVD player and even the cassette deck can accommodate.
For the connection of active speaker systems or additional amplifiers (multiroom), the V-250 has an unregulated line-out output, in this price range absolutely unique!
And with the front mounted 6.3mm headphone jack you have the option, to hear music completely undisturbed.
The V-250 has 5-Stereo-RCA inputs for your CD player (C-250), Radio (R-250) or your TV.
For the playback of mobile devices, the V-250 has a mini-jack stereo input.
To connect a turntable (MM) like our PS-100+ you can use the built-in phono preamplifier.
Furthermore, the V-250 has a line-out (output), and a 6.3mm stereo headphone jack

Output (RMS @ 4 | 8 Ohm): 2x 40 | 2x 30 Watt
Analogue Inputs: 4x stereo line-in 250 mV
Phono Input: 1x MM 5 mV
Analogue Outputs: line out 100 kOhm, headphone 300 Ohm, 1,25 V
THD: <. 0,1% (@1 Watt)
Signal to noise ratio: >. 80 dB
Channel separation: >. 59 dB
Frequency range: 20 Hz - 50 KHz
Tone control: Bass | Treble ± 14 dB
Power consumption "Off": <. 0,01 Watt
Power consumption "Standby": 0,4 Watt
Power consumption "Operating": 150 Watt (max.)
Dimensions W | H | D: 430 x 75 x 289 mm
Weight (kg): 5,3
Features: full metal housing, system remote control, logo embossed in the top plate

Codice: V250B

Distribuzione: IMPORT EUROPE


Stato: Novità

Anno Produzione: 2021

Peso: 5500 gr.



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