TRANSCENDENT FREQUENCIES - Set Viti Gold 23k per Testine

Price: € 20.00
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Product Type: Accessori Testine Puntine

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GOLD PLATED BRASS Screws Set for headshell

The thumb screws and nuts are high purity brass with 23k gold plating for superior corrosion resistance and aesthetics.
Completing the set are 100% organic cellulose fiber washers offering high rigidity and stiffness that protect your headshells and cartridges from abrasion..
Everything included in this set is NON-magnetic and will not interfere with the strong magnets in moving coil cartridges.

These thumb screws allow you to fine tune your cartridge alignment easily without the use of any tools.

Code: 766623152099

Distribution: IMPORT EUROPE


Status: Catalogo

Production year: 2018

Weight: 100 gr..



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